Monday, January 31, 2011


So, today I saw something that I must say, I don't think I ever remember seeing in Oklahoma. But first, our weekend! Anthony (Timothy's brother) and Adrian along with their two girls got to come down for a visit this weekend. The weather was in the high 70's Friday, and Saturday was very nice as well. Here's a few pics (I didn't take very many)...

The girls fed a whole loaf of bread to the ducks at Bricktown - and Ashlyn was quite taken with the ducks!!

And of course we had to stop at Marble Slab Creamery! (For the record, I gave Tanner the tiniest of bites...twice. For anyone concerned, he barely got any! ;))

Now for the "something"... We are officially under a blizzard warning! The "blizzard" is supposed to start around 3 a.m., and I've also heard some talk about expecting power outages, even though we're not supposed to get ice.'s my kiddos, "ready" for the action! :)

First my little "woodsman"...with our inside woodpile.

And, Hadlee is ready with her candles. lol...of course, she doesn't have a clue that a power outage would mean no computer, no DVD's, etc. :)

Be safe everyone, and we'll be back with pictures soon...if there really is such a thing as an Oklahoma blizzard...???

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Play-doh and PJ's

Very random post...there! you are forewarned!! :)

Hadlee got this neat Play-doh set last week. (like 80% off - $3.00!) I must admit I found it quite cool...the detailing of the little presses are quite realistic. We both spent a good amount of time playing with it. ;) But (note to self!) we're not playing with play-doh on the floor anymore - even on the mat! Play-doh doesn't sweep out of carpet well!

Just a couple of random pics...Hadlee was entertaining them both by putting this bowl on their heads and faces. Whatever works, right??

ORNERY!! :) I asked Timothy the other day, "Is it just that I know he's a boy and expect him to be ornery, or does he just LOOK ornery?" Daddy's reply - "He IS ornery!!" lol

Happy! These kids LOVE each other (for


Hope everyone has a fun weekend! (P.S. We're planning on enjoying the 70*+ weather this weekend! :))

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is a book Timothy and I are currently reading. It is getting a lot of attention, and chances are, you've already heard of it/read it. But, if you haven't - it's a must-read. Extremely challenging...actually more like convicting. :) Go get it now and read it!

Home Improvement & Thankfulness...

We were blessed to have Daddy home again yesterday. Saturday and Monday (yesterday) he made two shelves for Hadlee's room, installed the trim around our bathroom mirror, and gave a "face-lift" to the kitchen and living room windows. I painted the trim, shelves, and "face-lift" material....and now, I'm itching to start painting my kitchen!! (the green color gets a little more annoying Hoping to get started on that in the next week or so. In the mean time, I'm still trying to stick to my new "cleaning schedule". It's going well - I think once I get "in the groove" it will prove very helpful!

Now for some thankfulness... :) I'm very thankful for a talented - and more importantly - WILLING husband. :) The "face-lift" thing, the new trim, and the shelves were all my ideas, but that's as far as I go! He can somehow go to Home Depot, know what he needs when he gets there, and do it when he gets home. And, he told me while he was doing it, that he enjoys it! I promised him that I'd try not to take advantage of his abilities.... but it might not be easy. :P

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'll get some more pics up soon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well & Happy!

Hadlee and Tanner are finally both well at the same time. :) SO nice! Now, I'm almost afraid to take them out of the house, even though we've had some wonderfully mild temps here in Oklahoma. Once again, we're all ready for spring, but I'm just trying to be thankful that we're not "up North"!

Here's a couple pics of my happy kiddos. First, my beautiful baker...Hadlee got a very cute baking hat and apron from Ryan's girlfriend Tracie for Christmas. And...can you see the "all boy" personality coming through in our handsome little guy?? He smiles and just exudes orneriness!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organization! :)

As I've stated before, organization is one my favorite things. So... here are a couple of very simple yet extremely helpful things I have put/am putting into practice.

1) I've mentioned that we've been working specifically on our finances over the past year. Paying the bills has basically always been my job - I'm home all day, and I'm the number-crunching nerd in the house. :) So, one of the simplest yet most helpful things I've done is establish a computer spreadsheet listing all of our monthly bills, their due dates, their amount (or approximate amount), payment method (online, by phone, etc), and a checklist for Jan-Dec. It's all on one page; I keep it in the front of our "finance" binder, and I (or Timothy) can see at any time what needs to be paid and what has been paid. I guess I'm a typical woman and can basically keep a running total of all this in my head, but I'm also a typical mom and a few times a bill has gotten misplaced, didn't get sent off in time, etc. I started this last year about this time - right before I found myself in the hospital with my pregnancy. It was SO nice to know that Timothy (who is definitely involved in our finances, but doesn't "hands on" pay the bills, etc.) could easily see where we were, what needed to be done, and how to do it (payment method and log-in info is all right there). It also helps with budgeting - we can look at due dates (the bills are listed in due-date order) and see what needs to come out of which check. I know there are MUCH more advanced ways of keeping track of things, and some people use a lot of auto-withdrawals. However, this works the best for me, and I like to be the one to tell the money to go out - not someone else! :) (does that make me old fashioned???)

2) This one won't be nearly as wordy - I'm just starting. :) Haven't even gotten my spreadsheet done! But my other "big thing" to work on right now along with finances, is my time management - specifically with my kids. I very much like and need a clean orderly house, and I tend to go on deep-cleaning "binges" where everything from the kitchen cabinets to closets to the fireplace, EVERYTHING has to be clean. :) That's okay when company is coming, but I've decided to start breaking it up more. Going to take a certain part of the house for every day of the week (Mon-Fri). I'm working to cover everything so all rooms are well maintained without killing myself on any particular day. I think I'm going to like this! Besides, once I have this fully established and up and running - how dirty/unorganized can something get in one week?? :) Yesterday I picked up all of the house, but only cleaned the kitchen - cabinets included. I was able to relax yesterday evening, and feel like I had "accomplished" my goals without stressing about the rest of the house.

Okay, enough of that! :) As for our family, Timothy has been able to have some time off the last week, and may get some more time this next week. Hadlee is getting spoiled by this - she has informed me that Daddy should just be home on multiple occasions! I'm working on my goals/projects for this year - trying to keep momentum and not lose the excitement of a new year. Hadlee is...Hadlee! She's got smarts way beyond her years - sometimes that's great and sometimes that's not so great. lol She is very anxious for warm weather - she wants to wear blue sparkly flip-flops (hope I can find some!), go on picnics, and ride her new bike! Tanner is working on tooth #3, enjoying "big food", becoming very much a mommy's boy, and developing a very "boyish" personality. SO fun!!

We're all finally well - except Hadlee still has a little runny nose. I was very glad to clear all the medicines off the kitchen bar, and put them back in the medicine cabinet where they belong!! :)

I'll try to upload some pics of the kids soon - if blogger will quit being screwy!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


...not a common word around our house, unfortunately! But as the pics illustrate, we're getting it done today! :) We're having a cold snap here in the of our firsts for this winter. The sun is shining brightly, but the wind chill is not so bright. Thanks to the cold, Daddy is home today. (Customers canceled jobs yesterday and today, due to weather.) I type, the fire is burning brightly:

to ward off the cold winds outside:

Tanner is "settled in for a long winter's nap" (at least that's what we're hoping!):

Daddy is reading "Son of Hamas":

Hadlee is enjoying a Strawberry Shortcake adventure by the fire:

and I'm planning a nice, long bath soon. (that's why there's no picture of me! shower, no pics!!!)

I'll probably post some more later about our new year's goals, but for now... we're relaxing! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Of Germs and Medications...

As I stated in my previous post, we've had some colds around here. And unfortunately, they don't seem to want to go away anytime soon! Timothy and I could sing first and second bass right now, I'm quite sure. :) Tanner just went to the doctor today, and STILL has an ear infection (he's had one off-and-on for the last month and a half!) and bronchiolitis. (before Christmas it was a respiratory virus) sigh! Anyway, on a good note, Hadlee is well! :) She had a bad spell over our Christmas travels, but has been well since we've been home. It's nice to at least have one bouncy, happy person in the house! Here's Tanner's first go with the inhaler - he actually did very well!

Here's some "normal pics" from the last couple days...

Excuse the messy room! I walked past yesterday, and found her like this totally reading/talking to "someone"...of course the flash made her look.

Cindrella a.k.a. Hadlee :)

Mommy's little "Axe man" (We used some of daddy's gel to spike his

Check out those teeth!! :)

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year - New Start!

Happy new year, everyone! There's a feeling of newness and change - good change! - in the air here. Now if the air would just lose it's sinus congestion and cough germs so we could all be healthy again! (I've almost forgotten what it feels like to breathe through my nose... :))

Anyway, with the new year, Timothy and I are working to integrate some specific goals and changes in our personal lives as well as our home. I'm very excited about our actions, and am hoping for a good, productive - organized!! - year! If you know me at all, you know that organization is something I thrive on - even if my house has moments where it appears to be totally void of organization. :) I'm not going to blog daily about my successes/failures, but I may pop in occasionally to update, and thereby keep myself accountable.

One of the main areas I'm excited about is finances. We've already done a lot in this area over the last 6-8 months, and I'm looking forward to having the vehicle debt gone (the last of our Baby Step 2)!! (For anyone who hasn't heard of Dave Ramsey, I'd strongly recommend you check out his program!)

Also, I'm trying to tame my perfectionism and work on being a more involved mommy. :) Right now, with housework, laundry, meals, keeping the finances updated, and the care of a 3 year old and 8 month old, I don't feel like I have much left. It's very important to me to have things neat and organized and for my husband to come home to a clean house. However, in the bustle to keep everything together, I don't want to neglect the greatest things in my home - my children! It's extremely hard for me to relax in a messy house, but I'm proud to say I've put off dealing with some messes (that I must say were grating on my last nerve!) to spend time with them over the past few days. And it turned out okay! My house is currently clean - and we both won! :)

Most importantly, I want to build a stronger relationship with the two most important "people" in my life - my husband and my God. I'm determined to have a deeper, more committed love for both by the end of 2011!

Okay, this has turned into an extremely wordy post - all this to say it's a new year! :) Oh, and I intend to do more blogging over the next year - so don't give up; keep checking back! ;)