Sunday, July 12, 2009

Of Camp meetings and Potty training...

Our lives have been a little hectic lately, but I think that is true for everyone these days. :) As I mentioned in the previous post, Timothy filled in for Darrell the last two Sunday nights (not tonight) and we had some other stuff that week. This last week, we ended up at Ochelata Youth Camp - we had totally not planned on going, but found out they needed help. So...Monday I did laundry, packed, and we went to camp! :) Just got back last night, and of course went to church today. Now we're probably going to Heartland Camp this next week, and Timothy will be helping with the youth services.

The "new thing" in Hadlee's life is potty training. Wow, what fun! :) It was actually going fair, and my parents came down for the Fourth. I thought that would ruin it, but she loves attention and did awesome - almost no accidents while they were here! I was so excited - thought she was really "getting it"....and then, we went to youth camp. lol She does NOT like sitting on toilets without her special seat, and she wouldn't even try. I just knew that would ruin all my "hard work." But, today she has done very well again! YEAH!! She even told Timothy and I "Potty!" a couple times this evening, and she was dry and had to go! (Only a parent can understand this kind of Then she also told me once, "Pri'cess! Pri'cess!" and put her hand down on her pull-up. I took her and she was again dry and went in the toilet! (She has "princesses" on her pull-up....and we make a big deal of them and the snowflake that goes away if she wets.) So, I'm keepin' my fingers crossed and taking her Princess seat to camp...maybe, just maybe we can maintain!!