Monday, April 27, 2009

Catchin' up...

Okay, since it's been over a month since I posted, and everybody has totally given up on

Here's a start at catching up. I could REALLY keep you for a VERY long time, and probably bore you to sleep with everything that has happened in the last month, but I'll spare you...and me! :)

This blog is basically about Hadlee, but I am going to post some "progress" shots of our house.

hallway (before carpet...obviously!)

this is what we had to work with - since we moved all our stuff into the trailer before it was moved. so fun! :)

Hadlee's room -painted and ready for carpet

Timothy's idea for Hadlee's ceiling

her closet doors

Timothy working on our bedroom

another pic of the mess we had :)

our only source of heat before the electricity and propane were hooked up (we actually enjoyed it - especially Timothy! lol)

I've got to post a couple of Hadlee since this is "her" blog. :) Our little "artist" at work. She had just finished painting the paneling and a window in the living room, and we decided to give her a "safe spot" to work.

excuse the hair - this is what happens when you do a ponytail on a regular basis. :)

her first nap in her new room.