Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Afternoon in Bricktown...

I took the kids to Bricktown today for some pictures. I confirmed that Hadlee is still in her funky smile stage. (as well as smiling off into space instead of at the camera!) I also discovered that Tanner is scared of everything. Grass, dirt, concrete - he didn't want to sit on ANY of it; and he was terrified of the fountain! :) All in all, it was an eventful day, but not very productive.

Here's a few pictures that I got around the chaos...

A Short, "Mommy break time" post...

If the title doesn't make sense, then you're probably not a mommy - at least not of small ones. :)

Have several things to do today, but we're waiting on Tanner to get up from his nap. Hadlee's finishing lunch, and I thought I'd set down for a quick update!

I'm still working on the "Couch to 5K" - actually a good friend, Stephanie Calderon, has come over the last two times to run with me. That's nice - although we can't exactly talk; too busy trying to breathe! ;P

My goal for today is to take the kids to get some pictures... I'm horrible about this. (any fellow perfectionists will understand!) I love having pics of them, but I usually want to wait until Hadlee's hair is perfect, we have nicely coordinating outfits and accessories, etc. (That's why I don't get 'em done very often! HA!) BUT...I decided that's ridiculous! (right??? Excuse me while I try to convince myself....) The weather is going to be scorching if I wait much longer - and outfits and hair won't matter. We'll have hot, grumpy, sweaty kids!! IF I'm successful, I'll be posting some pictures next time!

We're also trying to get ready for Easter! We've got outreach events happening at the church, and we're wanting to do some in our park as well. Tanner's birthday is the day before Easter, also. The week of Easter is shaping up to be very busy! Trying to get the house very clean this week - hoping that will be one less thing to worry about next week.

Trust everyone is having a great Wednesday, and maybe (fingers crossed) I'll have a picture post next time!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


There are a few things that I have been wanting to post - but since I just started back to some morning exercise this morning, that topic won out. :)

I think I might have mentioned working out before Christmas (or perhaps that was just on facebook), but those days have been long lost in the craziness of housework and mommy stuff. With my almost completely melancholy personality, I tend toward depression occasionally. Nothing serious enough for medication, but sometimes it can be bad enough to affect my profitability. I admit to having a few days where just staying up and going took effort. I really don't like this (I know, nobody does!), and I'm determined to rise above this as much as is in my power. (also if there is anything I am not, it is a morning person!! Seriously.)

Working out really helped - I was doing anaerobic exercises in the morning. I was feeling better physically and emotionally. However, I'd about die before I'd let Timothy watch me work out. See...his version of crunches, push-ups, weight-lifting, etc. is all fine-tuned. He can do it all and look great while he's doing it. Me?? Yeah, well let's just say I'm not one of those girls with six-pack abs. I was waiting until he'd leave for work, and there just wasn't enough time between that and the kids getting up. fell apart.

I decided a few days ago to start running (I know, I know...I can't do a push-up but I think I can run a mile...). But seriously a friend shared on facebook last night about the "Couch to 5K" running program. Now THAT sounded like something I could do - I CAN sit on the couch! ;) Timothy (bless his heart) agreed to get up early with me, in order for me to have time to run, have my devotions, and get a shower. (he even emptied the dishwasher!) And, I made it! I LOVE having a plan, and I thrive on schedules. Really liking that there is a schedule to tell me exactly what to do, how long to do it, and how to do it! And I feel really great right now! It's by far the best morning I've had in a loooong time.

Anyway, my kids are waking up....gotta get moving. I promise not to blog my daily walk/run, but I don't like to "fail" - hoping blogging this will keep me motivated!

Have a good day everyone - and if you'd like to join me in this little effort, check out (Sorry, can't get it to post a link - you'll have to copy 'n' paste)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Under Construction

So, I started messing around with my blog today....but my parents are coming in this evening. I didn't have the time to be tweaking it today! :) (but of course i started anyway!) blog is "Under Construction - please excuse the mess!" I'll be back next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!