Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oklahoma Snow!

I didn't get too many pictures of the final results, but we ended up with 8-9 inches! The snow's beautiful, but we're very anxious to get moved in!

our trailer "through the snow" - maybe we'll be in it someday! =)

"Maggie" Grandma's collie - and Hadlee's nightmare! :) Hadlee is very skiddish around the dog!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hadlee is thoroughly enjoying the nice weather!! Today we went to the park, and she has spent lots of time outdoors with mom. Here's some pics I snapped of her in front of mom and dad's door. The first one was totally natural - not posed at all. I liked it so much (minus the tennis ball and, that I wanted to get a "good one". I'll probably be posting some edited, better shots on my other site later.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fast and Random ~

** I apologize...once again, blogger doesn't want to leave my pics and text they way I put them, and I totally don't have time to fight with it! So unscramble as you
I'm over at our house this morning (supposed) to be doing some cleaning. lol I'm not getting much done on here though! Anyway, we FINALLY got our new computer - and I can now actually take pix off my camera. I can't wait to get back in the groove once we get settled. However that's looking like it could be a few weeks away still. I told someone that I would post before and after pics of our cabinets (maybe my in-laws??) so...

here's "before"...

and "after"...

and the girls "helping" =)
of course, by the time we got done, we knew we were moving. sigh! Timothy just can't wait to paint another set of cabinets black. lol

our first Sunday at Drumright

Hadlee ringing the old bell

the church

** Some snapshots **

Buddies ~ Hadlee is going to miss Madi! :(

a typical Hadlee face...she has totally started wrinkling up her nose and grinning until you can't see her eyes (the KitKat on her face, however, is not typical!)

Hadlee got to ride Grandpa's golf cart from their house to the college the other day. Can you tell her Grandpa likes her a little bit??

we went out to eat and bowling last night for my b-day ~~ me and my fav. guy! ;)
and of course, this would be my fav. little girl! :) She was much too interested in all the lights in the arcade to look at Daddy and his camera!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Still job-hunting and packing...

Just a quick update...

We went down to Drumright for the weekend. Saturday we went looking for a mobile home - and were successful! It's not a brand new one, but it's in excellent condition. And even has some special "perks" with it. =) (furniture, washer, dryer, and all appliances...some reeeally nice stuff!! and a wood-burning fireplace which we both like!) We're getting a super deal on it, as well.

Timothy did an exceptional job Sunday morning, and we're trusting God to continue to help him as he studies and prepares for preaching on a regular basis. He still doesn't have a job, but he has enough side jobs, including some work on the church and our home, to keep him busy for a while. He has some job potentials when the weather warms up, and we'll just keep looking. =)

That's about the scoop. My house is completely torn apart, and the boxes are starting to stack. We'll all be glad to get settled...again.