Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~ Our Day ~

Timothy had to preach Sunday night for the first time here in OKC, and thus caused some stress both to himself and (especially!) me. :) Sooo...yesterday was our "chill day." We went to Bricktown, ate, fed the ducks, did some shopping, etc. Here's some clips of our day.

Hadlee & Daddy watching the ducks

Timothy suggested that she feed the ducks her tater tots - which she was only too happy to do. She would run and get one from the stroller, take it to Timothy, and he would break it up and throw the pieces to the ducks. She'd run back for another one, etc. So, we got to the last one, she studied the empty carton, and she acted unsure as to what to do. I told her that they were "all gone" and she'd have to tell the duckies that we didn't have any more. The result:

palms up, telling the duckies that they were all gone. And just so they would definitely understand, she came back got the package, held it up, and said "See? See?" It WAS very cute. :)

checkin' out the catfish at Bass Pro

trying on sunglasses at Bass Pro

worn out!