Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Modest swimwear

This is a different post...but one I'm very excited to share!  :)  Most of you probably have already found this site, but it's new to me.  And since this is my blog, I get to be excited and "share" it with ya'll who know all about it!  :)

I love the water, but I don't love the clothing options for being IN the water.  There's the obvious modesty issue with pretty much every bathing suit out there.  (You just don't see a modest bikini very often...)  And then there's the option of swimming in your denim skirt... yep, full or straight, that one's just not gonna go well!

Timothy and I were talking about modest swimwear just a few days ago. And, one morning when he left at a very ungodly hour for work, I went to my trusty search engine, and here's what I found!

Drum roll please... :)


Check it out!  Very cute, streamlined dresses made out of the same material as regular swimsuits with knee-length leggings underneath!  Now, they are a little pricey...especially to think about my daughter needing a different size every year.  But, after looking a little farther on the website, I found that they have made their patterns available!  You can buy fabric on their site, but I'm looking on ebay.  Ebay has a lot of the same quality nylon/lycra materials for MUCH cheaper!  Hadlee already has hers picked out!  :)  Now if I can just talk my mom into making them - since I conveniently don't have a sewing machine.  (And it wouldn't do me any good if I did!!)

Modesty (I believe) should not be something that our kids have to "suffer through".  I want to show my daughter that you can be modest and participate in fun activities while wearing clothes in which you feel confident AND covered.   ("confident and covered"...what a concept, huh?  Very opposite of what our world says...)

P.S. When you check out the website, make sure you click the "Why Modesty?" tab and read the owner's message.  I want to buy her stuff, just to support her stand!  :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hadlee's artwork & misc. stuff

Hadlee has just recently taken an interest in coloring and (more recently) painting.  She has been hard at work the last couple days.  :)  Her "masterpieces" are much improved from just a few weeks ago, and she was only too happy for me to take some pics.  :)

 Tanner wanted it to be "my turn!" :)
 And here's some other random pics on my memory chip...

She loves being a cowgirl!
 domino towers...
Baby Kendra came for a visit a few days ago.  This caused a lot of squabbling over who got to hold her, play with her, etc.  And Tanner was very offended that he couldn't carry her!  He said, "Hold her for jut a minute? Pwease?  Can I?" 

Tanner's "debut" :)

Tanner loves to sing, and we have tried SEVERAL times to get him on camera.  He always wants to be on the back side of the camera, not in front of it!  Finally last night he discovered if he gets in front of it, he can watch himself afterwards.  (You'll notice he dives off my lap as soon as he's done!)  :)  Nothing like a little vanity for motivation! 
Oh, and you'll also notice his favorite part is "the Bible tells me so"  He is always rather eager to get there!