Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Homemade" Photo Canvas!

Recently I have gotten on this big kick of making things myself - Pinterest has, I'm sure, contributed!  :)  One of my BIGGEST hobbies is saving money.  I mean seriously. big. hobby!  Just ask my husband... It's a good thing, and he likes it, but sometimes I get a little obsessive. Ha!  I've made homemade laundry soap, and some other cleaning supplies.

But that's all "work stuff."  And while it's great, (and I'll share some of those recipes soon - in case you haven't yet seen them on THIS post is like a triple-favorite.  I love pictures, I love decorating, and I love saving money.  And this has all three!!

Needed Items:

Photo (my 11x14 was $5.84 at Wal-Mart)
Canvas (got two 11x14 canvases for $3.60 @ Hobby Lobby)
Mod Podge
Foam brush
Black craft paint
Small paint brush

Before I got started though, I had to drag Timothy to the park for a snapshot...

First, I brushed a layer of Mod Podge on the canvas.  Then placed the picture on, centered it, and smoothed out all bubbles.  I let it dry....

Next I brushed a layer of Mod Podge over the picture and sealed the edges.  (Be careful...if you let a "glop" set too long, it will slightly bubble your picture.  Do very thin, even coats.)  I did about 3 layers, I think, letting them dry thoroughly in between.

Next (and here's where I goofed) I painted the edges black.  Next time, I'm going to paint the edges black FIRST.  I had a very hard time keeping a straight line, and not getting paint on my pic!  

After the paint dried, I did a final coat of Mod Podge over the WHOLE thing - including the sides.  Let it dry....

And, wah-lah!  I now have an 11x14 photo canvas in our bathroom!  I think it cost me $10.00-$12.00, and the Mod Podge and black paint will last for many more pics!

Oh...and I kinda like this guy!!!  ;)