Friday, March 19, 2010

Is it Spring yet???

We had beautiful weather here in OKC yesterday!! Daddy got off early, and we took advantage of the day. Hadlee loves to go to Bricktown, and we braved the area - even though the NCAA games are going on there. :) (Traffic was a little crazy)
Stopped at Sonic for some ice cream

visited the duckies

she LOVED being outside!

my little girl isn't looking so little anymore! :(

she climbed up the hill and was very proud of herself, but then she tried to come down...

lol! what a face - she didn't get her balance until she caught herself on the brick partition at the bottom.

walkin' with daddy

no trip to Bricktown is complete without visiting the fishies at Bass Pro

came home and grilled hot dogs and ate outside. She really doesn't usually smile like this... lol

We had a nice day, but now we're under a winter storm watch....4-8 inches...blizzard conditions... are you kiddin' me?? Come on, spring!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hadlee is growing - not as noticeably as Tanner, but still growing! :) She's been such a sweetheart through all of this! She's had some big milestones during the last several weeks, and I'm so proud of her for making them in spite of everything that has been different in her life. She has been sleeping in her toddler bed for several weeks now, and she's doing an awesome job with the "big girl panties" thing. :) She's had multiple "trainers" - Timothy and I were trying to work with her before this all started, then she had a week of Grandma Jackson, followed by a week of Grandma Arender - now it's mommy and daddy again with whoever wants to help. :) I thought the time in the hospital would totally ruin any progress, but she's done super! She is basically potty trained - stays dry all night, and rarely has an accident. I'm still hesitant about taking her out without a pull-up, but even away from home, she's great about telling me she's "gotta go" - and holds it 'til we find a bathroom. SOOO glad that the whole process is almost over - and it's just in time for another one in diapers!! :)

Here's some snapshots from Gramma and mommy over the past few weeks...

Hadlee with her beloved Uncle Ryan

She's crazy about these guys!

Givin' Uncle Ryan kisses - Gramma didn't catch it on camera...

my brothers really DO love each other...

Grampa and Hadlee

Hadlee with Gramma's scarf

eatin' peanuts - Grampa Arender would be proud! :)

little mommy!

Hadlee performing an "ultrasound" on Gramma

again.... with glasses!

she was very excited about candles on my cake - Daddy insisted on 24 (the whole package!) and it took him forever to light them all...

but he got it, and we blew 'em out!

Hadlee trying to touch the cake gently...she couldn't keep her hands off. (We really do feed her sugar - in fact, she has way too much!)

enjoying her cake and ice cream

31+ weeks!

Had another check-up today at the High Risk Clinic at OU - everything still looks fine. My fluid level was holding steady at 12.7, and Tanner looked good. Here's a few pictures. We're at 31 weeks and 3 days!
suckin' his thumb
footprint shot
leg from the knee down - his foot looks huge! :)
me again on my b-day -
31 weeks and 24 years!

Monday, March 8, 2010

30 weeks and counting! :)

We've had a couple of crazy weeks, but God has been good!! On February 19, after eight weeks of running back and forth to doctors and the hospital, they finally got a positive test that I was indeed ruptured. I was transferred to OU Medical Center, and they said I wouldn't be leaving until Tanner was born. They gave me tons of antibiotics and two steroid shots to help his lung development, and said they'd deliver me at 34 weeks. That meant 6 weeks in the hospital! For those of you who know how attached Hadlee is to me, you can imagine how impossible this sounded. :) My mom was here at the time, and she stayed for the first week, and Timothy's parents came for the second week. However, I didn't leak after the night I was admitted - at all. The doctors told me that just doesn't happen - said I should definitely still be leaking at least a little. The first night (Friday), my fluid level was a 5; by Monday morning, it was up to 10.1! It just continued to climb - 10.9 the next Monday, 11.4 the next Friday. Because I wasn't leaking and my fluid levels were up and since we live in the City, the doctors agreed to let me do "bed rest" at home. Sooo thankful to be home, as are Timothy and Hadlee! :) My mom is here for this week and possibly next week, after which my in-laws are ready to come if needed. So thankful to have great families who are happy to come and help out!
Now, I'll have weekly appointments with complete ultrasounds at the high-risk pregnancy clinic at OUMC. If things continue as they are, I'm hoping to be able to carry full-term. However, if I have any more problems, they will still take him at 34 weeks.
God has been amazing - there are so many things that could have gone very differently! Here's a couple of pics from the hospital. Didn't do a very good job of taking pics, but who wants pics of a hospital stay??? :)
the entrance to the Children's Hospital at OUMC - on my wheelchair ride outside. :)
my grandparents got to come up for a day! very nice to see them, and Hadlee loved playing with Meme. (Notice Meme's doll and stethoscope - they got her a Baby Alive get-well doll)
sooo sad! Hadlee leaving the hospital. :( This was definitely the hardest part of everyday!
Hadlee "pushing" daddy - actually think I was supposed to be in the wheelchair...
30 weeks and counting! :) It's amazing to actually be here - the doctors told me at 19 weeks that it was just a matter of time before I would go into labor.
I repeat: God is so good!