Friday, February 5, 2010

Hadlee's two-year pictures

Okay, it HAS been a long time. :) Just realized I haven't put up the last pics I took of her. She still wouldn't smile, but here ya go!

the only real smile I got :)

Loooonnnnnggg Overdue Update :)

Sorry, I've failed again to keep up with this. With most of my friends on Facebook now, I just don't blog as much. Anyway, quick update - just in case you're not connected to the world of FB... :)

I've had a crazy pregnancy so far! At 19 weeks, I lost a considerable amount of fluid that sent us to the ER. All tests said/say negative for amniotic fluid, but an ultrasound indicated a low fluid level (numerically about a 5 or 6). So, even though all tests were negative, I was sent to a maternal-fetal specialist who put me on "modified bedrest" and lots of precautions. Long story short, at 23 weeks, my fluid was up to a better level (10), and yesterday it was the highest it has been (14)! Still don't know what happened, but we are very thankful that everything seems to be okay now. I'm still seeing my OB every 2 weeks, and the specialist every 3 weeks for a thorough ultrasound (can't complain about that!). He wants to very closely monitor the baby's development for any signs of stress or indications that the low fluid might have hindered development. However, at this point, I'm feeling lots of movement, heartbeat sounds good, and he sees "nothing suspicious". We're thanking God for His help, and trusting for the best!

AND....for those of you who haven't heard, it IS a boy! :) Timothy is thrilled, and Hadlee seems to be excited about the baby in mommy's tummy. The nursery is started, but still needs paint and much work. His name will be Tanner Kaden or Klayton - thought we'd decided on a middle name, but while watching a PBR the other night, we saw that one of the bull rider's names was Klayton. We liked that name, sooo... middle name to be determined.

Hadlee is growing up so quickly! We're trying to finish the potty thing (some of you will remember that we started last summer, but camps etc. cancelled our efforts! :)) It's been rather crazy around here for the last few months, but we've tried to start getting serious in the last week or two. She's doing very well - when mommy does! :)

There's not really anything she can't say or doesn't know (lol) at this point. She especially loves Thomas the Tank Engine, enjoys playing ball and wrestling with Daddy, but still finds time for her baby dolls and being a little mommy. She recently made the transition to a toddler bed - I've been so proud of the way she made the switch! Didn't seem to miss a beat.

Hadlee is going through a phase of not wanting to smile for the camera, or if she does, it's totally goofy. Below are some ultrasound pics, and hopefully, some updates of Hadlee will come soon!
18-19 week ultrasound:

26 week 4-D ultrasound: