Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~ Fireproof ~

Just wanted to put a little "plug" in for Fireproof. It just came out on DVD yesterday, and we couldn't wait any longer. =) Timothy and I watched it last night - awesome movie!! Powerful message - it is an incredible ministry opportunity for young couples (and older couples). If you've yet to see it, check it out at or If there's ever a time we need strong marital relationships and unbreakable bonds between couples, it's now! (Facing the Giants by the same producers is a great film as well!)

A Day in the Life...

Yesterday Hadlee and I were "home alone." Madi didn't come, because her daddy was off due to the weather. So we had a relaxing, laid-back kind of day. =)

Uncle Ryan works for Madi's daddy - so he was off too. He's a BIG hit with Hadlee!!

Hadlee helped me make some cookies - and sampled the flour...YUK!
"feeding" herself some yogurt

cute, but oh so ornery!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

our "sick house"

Crackers, Sprite, and of course - popsicles! =)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~*~My Beautiful Girl~*~

I know, I'm prejudiced...severely so. But ya gotta agree - she's pretty stinkin' adorable!! =) lol

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

~Little Mommies~ (with pacifiers lol)

Madi and Hadlee are having a lot of fun in Hadlee's playhouse! I'm not sure how long the poor house will hold up under their falling around on it, but they're enjoying it for now! =) They are also starting to enjoy Hadlee's baby dolls -but they just want them for a little bit; then it's off to something else.

holding their babies

Madi feeding her baby =)
don't they look thrilled?
"uh-oh! we dropped her!"
guess they're done being "mommies" for now!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


unloading groceries
I DO feed her :)
Finally feeling better!
Dressed up for church

Mommy's girl!

Rose Petal Cottage

Here's the "finished product" - it took a while, but we got it together. lol

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hadlee's Christmas

As I said before, Hadlee was sick most of the Christmas holiday, and I don't have very many good pics of her. We actually delayed both our Christmas at home, and Christmas with my family to try to give her time to get to feeling better. Here are just some random pictures of Hadlee throughout the holiday season.
Here's Hadlee and her cousin Ty; Hadlee's the younger by 6 months. :) Ty's mommy is afraid he's going to be a "little" boy. lol

opening presents at my parents'

one of her favorite gifts - a Nike pink/white basketball! (I'm trying SO hard to push the baby dolls!)

Christmas at our house - she wasn't feeling well! :(

Daddy had to help her open - she wasn't too "into" it.
she loves "Connect 4"
her Graco doll accessories set - stroller, swing, high chair, carrier, bouncy seat, and diaper bag!
We got her the Rose Petal Cottage - it is so adorable!!
it had a LOT of pieces!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We've been busy, and Hadlee has been sick over the holidays. Terrible cold, high fever, and bad cough - that's the summary of our last week and a half. :( We took her to the doctor Monday, and they did chest x-rays, blood work, and a throat culture. They also put her on her second antibiotic. Unfortunately, we have yet to hear any results from the tests. (Mommy's not happy about that!) Anyway, she IS better. No more fever, cold is better, but she still has the cough, a little wheezing, and now an upset stomach. sigh! So...I do have a few pictures from her Christmas to share later, but she wasn't feeling like opening presents at all! On the bright side, we've been very happy to have Daddy home - 17 days!! Hadlee and Mommy are both going to really miss him when he has to go back to work Monday. :( I did post one picture of Hadlee on my other blog - you can check it out here Try to post our Christmas later - "Mom-ma!" is being paged at increasing decibels!! :)