Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby makes 4!!

We're very excited to be adding a new addition to our family! Our little boy/girl should be here around the 15th of May. Hadlee is thrilled about being a "big sister", and is so proud of the baby's ultrasound picture. We just had a little in-office ultrasound to check the baby's size, but we did get a picture. Real ultrasound should be sometime before Christmas.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hadlee is Two!!

I did a horrible job of getting pictures of Hadlee's second b-day. :( My parents and grandparents got to come down for a party last Saturday, and I was busy with the meal and stuff. But here's a few of opening presents.

she had to show "Uncle Jordan" everything! (he is, without question, her favorite person!)
and THIS is what daddy spent the rest of the day on. :) We got her a small kitchen set - just her size! But it required a "little" assembly. And I guess I don't even have a picture of the finished product! Have to get one soon. It's a really cute set, and Hadlee LOVES it!!
She's doing so much now, that I really wouldn't know where to start on her "milestones". She talks in sentences now, and we can understand her most of the time. She still has very much of an imagination, and sometimes it takes her on some imaginative stories that lose us. :) She can count to 10, and knows a few songs and parts of books. She will sit by the hour if you'll read to her! I can't sit down to rest, without her saying "I be right back!" - and she comes right back with a book. :) She loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Veggie Tales, and Hermie and Wormie. Her fav. place to eat is "So'ic" (i.e. Sonic), and you can count on her going for chicken, tots and "swushy". And, she is ALWAYS ready for a trip to "Wa - Mart". We feel very blessed to have such a beautiful little girl with such a sweet personality! (most of the time, anyway.) She loves to please us, and is crushed if she thinks we're upset with her. She's very quick to say "I sorry, Mommy!" - and of course, is very quickly forgiven!! :) We look forward to watching her grow and develop, and trust that we can guide her to an early understanding of Jesus as her Savior.