Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend @ Bartlesville

We spent the weekend with my grandparents in Bartlesville. We had a very nice time, and I think they enjoyed our stay as well - especially their great granddaughter! :)

playing in the sand with Meme & Papa and Alex

again... my camera battery was low, these pictures are from my aunt


we took Hadlee to Kiddie Park. she rode the carousel and train, the turtles,...

and the cars. by herself!! Didn't think she'd do it.

She loved it! I think she would've ridden more, if we would have tried! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We took Hadlee to the zoo yesterday. Here's some pics of our little girl enjoying her day...especially the carousel! :)

love this! :)

here's proof that mommy WAS there too. :)

such a big day! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Our House

I have some pics of the living room and our bedroom. The rest of the house will come later. :) And my bathroom floors are "being redone" by my awesome husband. lol One's done, and the other is halfway there. So I'll wait to get the new floor in the pics. We're "all done" now, except the kitchen. Wow, it needs lots of work - maybe we can start it next week....right, baby??

Ok, I just realized that some of my pictures have vanished from my draft, and I'm in OKC. But here's THREE pics of our house. lol

Hadlee @ Random

Here's some highlights (a.k.a. "when Mommy remembered the camera" lol) from Hadlee's last few weeks. Keep in mind, she's very busy and doesn't have much time for looking at cameras!



we took a little trip to Oklahoma City a week ago Monday/Tuesday. Here's Daddy & Hadlee thoroughly immersed in a game of something. (Hadlee's also working on some pizza)

We spent Tuesday with Darrell, Lizzy, and their family. Hadlee and Heath seemed to hit it off. :)

maybe too good, Daddy?? ;)

Hadlee with Grandma & Meme at Eggbert's on our recent trip to Independence

watching Daddy & Uncle Jordan play ball


she loves ice cream cones!

tea party with Grandma

drinkin' tea!

enjoying the park with Daddy

We got to spend a little time with Madi and her mommy, Natalie.

story time with Meme (great-grandma)

The other night after supper, Hadlee went to her chair, and wanted up. She doesn't like to sit in it, but Timothy put her in. She pointed to the pantry, and said "Chee-tos! Chee-tos!" in a very pathetic voice. (sounded like she'd die if she didn't get them.) Of course, we were out, but, of course, Daddy couldn't stand it. So....we went to town....just for cheetos! Here she is happily enjoying her "Chee-tos" What this Daddy won't do for those brown eyes!! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Easter Sunday

The Saturday before Easter Sunday, our family passed out about 75 red roses with invitations to church. We bought 100 and thought they would go really quickly. But being in such a rural community, we spent hours just passing out the 75.

some of our people

Timothy and J.R.

Hadlee hunting Easter eggs. Due to the rain, we had the hunt in the Sunday School rooms.

Darrin hunting eggs also

We went to my Uncle Kent's house, and spent Easter afternoon with his family

Daddy & Hadlee waiting on dinner

our family (of course, Hadlee's not looking :))

better, but still not looking! lol

my happy, smilin' girl