Friday, July 25, 2008

Timothy's Current #1 :)

Check out this music video. Timothy loves it - partly because Brad Paisley & Andy Griffith star on it, and partly because he can relate??? VERY difficult to understand but anyway... ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mommy's Picture Attempt

Hadlee loves to sit on this little bench, and I thought it would be a nice picture prop. Well, it WOULD be, but I found out she's getting to the stage where taking pictures is no longer a one-person job. I think we're going to have to wait for reinforcements. (a.k.a. Daddy!) She was fascinated with trying to stand up and turn around on the bench.'s some of our "attempts" - maybe some real ones will follow. (also, the shades that she used to wear, she now feels need to be "adjusted" and removed frequently - like as soon as I let go!)

Beginning of a turn...

(Notice the hair clippie...I'm so excited they will finally stay in! :))

Shades on...but no smile :)

"Adjusting" glasses




"If you put these on me one more time!..."

Result: no glasses, no smile, no looking @ cam, no pics!

Oh well, we had fun trying :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Youth Camp '08

Sorry it's been so long... We've been super busy! We got back from Missouri Saturday evening and left Monday for youth camp. (There was a lot of laundry, packing, shopping, and errands in between!!) We sponsored a junior team - yeah...all week. :) It was a lot of work, but it was rewarding. We stayed Friday night at camp cuz my cousin was getting married Saturday in Oklahoma. We got home Saturday night, and we've spent the week recovering! :) Thursday Timothy's parents arrived for a visit, and they stayed through Sunday afternoon. (Got some pics from the weekend for later...) Anyway, here's some pics from camp. We had a great team...three of our kids said over 100 verses - one of which got the award for most verses in the junior division with over 200! They all did a really great job!

Our Team

Saying verses...

Don't ask...he was after a ball, and I really don't wanna know how he got up there. He said he barely made it...

Summer & Josiah keepin' score

Kimberly & Josiah...part monkey?

Hadlee's favorite part of camp :) She liked the "little tub"!

Several kids were intrigued with the mud holes... Summer couldn't let the boys show her up!

Here's the results

My good-lookin' guy ;) Yep, he's a super-dad!!

Kevin's pie-in-the-face face!

Hadlee taking a ride in the lunch line

Mighty Casey! - but he didn't strike out!

Junior Awards

Ryan received the Best Teen Boy Camper Award

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th

We had a great 4th of July with Timothy's family. The guys went fishing that morning (didn't have any luck, but we won't talk about that!...), and some of us girls went shopping (we DID have some luck!) :). That evening we went to Phil and Trina's for a wonderful grilled steak dinner, after which we headed to the rodeo with Timothy's parents.

Steak dinner - great job, Phil! :)

the "boys" - Timothy with his nephews, Ty and Drew

Hadlee with some of her cousins ~
L-R: Drew, Hadlee, Marissa, Ty, and Kristen

Drew & Marissa enjoying the water

Daddy & Hadlee ready for rodeo and fireworks!

Us :) (kinda close range - the rodeo was crowded, and my arm's only so long)

Grandma & Grandpa with Hadlee

The flags were presented by the "Stars & Steeds"

I didn't get any good pics of fireworks; but Hadlee loved them! I couldn't believe it, but the bigger the boom, the bigger her grin.

Trip to Grandma & Grandpa's


"Yep, Mom, we got 'em all!"

Daddy, Grandpa, & Uncle Anthony enjoying
"Lum & Abner"

Hadlee LOVED her first ride on the four-wheeler!

Hadlee also enjoyed riding the mower with Daddy. (Mommy forgot her hats, thus the diaper over her head.)

Hadlee playing with her cousin, Alexa

Well, maybe they do look a little bit alike!

Never too old for some
"father & son ball" :)