Monday, August 23, 2010

33 months & 4 months :)

For me, that title keeps me busy! :) But they are both so amazing!
Hadlee is talking to imaginary friends as I type. They're doing all kinds of things together - this follows up several minutes of reading books out loud (yet to herself). She is ALWAYS in motion, talking, or something! Recently, she has decided that her favorite color is blue, and I am quite sure that she'd like to see the world through blue specs! And her room is no exception... so the pretty pink "princessy" stuff?? Yeah, that's gonna be gone soon, as we make way for BLUE -- blue walls, blue decor, blue bedding... you get the idea. Mommy is NOT ready to give up on a "girly" bedroom though. And she is diligently working on ideas for incorporating daisies, sparkles, and anything else that says "girl" :) Sometimes she just about wears me out with the constant motion and continuous talking, but she is truly such a joy! She loves to help, and is actually becoming quite helpful! She is also quite (in my completely unbiased opinion! HA!) intelligent. Sometimes I wonder if her memory is almost photographic - can't believe the things she can pull up in her little brain!! And not only pull up, but process and reach conclusions. We now are truly "not alone" more talking over her head! :))

Tanner (who is actually the reason that I got motivated to post!) is 4 months old today! Can't believe how much he has changed and grown in 4 months. God has truly been so good to us!!!! So glad that he is healthy. He is an extremely happy baby, as long as things go his way. (lol...aren't they all?) He smiles and coos almost any time he's spoken/talked to. He is starting to really enjoy Hadlee (she's been enjoying him for!) He likes to watch her, talk to her, etc. He is not a fan of swings, bouncy seats, or anything that lays him back and might possibly put him to sleep, but he loves his bumbo seat. About his size... he's still rather little. Still very much in newborn-size clothes, but that is okay! :) Just means I have a baby longer. We tried to weigh him last week, and he showed about 11 pounds. :) But he's strong and healthy, and that's all that matters to us!! :))

Well, I gotta go get something done before the little guy gets up. Here's a pic I took today... Tanner was not impressed with the heat or the brightness - kinda gave me a "Timothy look". That look that says I'm SO over this!! :)