Tuesday, August 26, 2008


One of my favorite things to do is take pictures! :) Here's one I took of my brothers. I really like it (and my mom did too!)

I started a photography blog "just for fun" where I'll be posting occasionally. You can check it out at http://arenderphotography.blogspot.com.

Gramma's B'day

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Look Out World!

Yeah, I know she's cute :) ...

...and as of a couple weeks ago, she's crawling. She started crawling, pulling up, and walking around stuff almost simultaneously. What fun we're having!! :)

Here's a sampling of "the fun"...
Books are the big rage - not the board books - but the ones with really thin pages, like Bibles!

clothes are another fav....

and I don't have a pic, but CD's are great too!
"Uh-oh! Here comes mommy!"
"God, please don't let mommy be mad..."
(I don't know what she was doing but she WAS talking...)
"Please, God!!"
The reason for prayer :)
lol...I was finishing the dishes and looked down to see this. It's bedtime! (finally!)
No, princess, mommy's not mad! :) Goodnight, baby doll!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mommy & Me

Sharing a root beer float with mommy after church tonight ~ Mmmm....good!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Timothy & I have not been out by ourselves since Hadlee was born. So last night with many tears, (lol...j/k) we left Hadlee with Grandma & Grandpa and headed for the rodeo. We had a nice time, and she did great. Daddy wasn't sure about leaving her, but once we got to the rodeo - everything was good!

According to Timothy, nothing beats this!

Ridin' the broncs...

These horses were amazing and beautiful!

This was incredible as well...

Ryan & Shelly went with us...we had a lot of fun!
And the climax, of course, bull riding! That 8-second thrill...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hadlee @ Grandpa's Farm

Saturday morning I took Hadlee for a walk and snapped some pictures. She loved standing up to the peach trees! But she was so intrigued with the bark and grass, I had a difficult time getting any eyes and smiles.

She's getting soo big! :(

She also liked the gate - what a personality shot! :) She's a mess, but a sweetheart at the same time.

Arender Family Picture

We visited Timothy's family over the weekend and took an "impromptu" family picture since everyone was there. We don't all get together very often, now that Rodney & Melissa are in Florida. We wanted an outside shot, but of course it was raining. :( But this one isn't too bad considering all the kids we were trying to get to look at a camera with nobody behind it. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Photos from Miranda's Visit

Miranda Constable (one of my friends from GBS) came and spent a week with us. It was SO great to see her and get to spend some time with her. I managed to forget I had a camera most of the time she was here. She's supposed to email me her pictures when she gets a chance. (ahem...Miranda? remember??) But here's some ~very~ random pictures from her visit.

Hadlee enjoying her "blankie" and thumb on the way to the airport

Miranda had to take a pic of Timothy's "marshmallow casserole". :) I was putting Hadlee down for a nap Sunday after church, and my awesome husband was helping in the kitchen. I told him he could put the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes in the oven... and he got a little carried away. He asked me if he should use the whole bag - I'm glad I told him no! :) Thanks for your help though, sweetheart!

Sunday afternoon I was making a veggie pizza, and was busy talking to Miranda. Then she noticed that Hadlee had gotten the cauliflower. She looks half-starved, I know, but I really do feed her!

Ridin' the carousel at the park

Can you tell by her look that she wasn't quite sure about the slide?

Miranda & I came up to find this...I think Daddy got tired

Ryan met us at the park for minature golf. He missed the first 5 or 6 holes, but he "parred" (is there such a word?? i'm NO golfer!) the rest of the course. He had like 3 or 4 hole-in-ones! (now I DO know what that is... I even got one myself! :))

Ryan bent down to get his ball when I snapped this pic - he thought it looked "so cool"

Miranda, thanks for coming; we had a wonderful time. Remember we have a Christian school that could always use good teachers...and you graduate next May...hint, hint, hint! :)

*Disclaimer* - I'm not sure what's wrong, but my blog refuses to put typing where I place it. So some of the "captions" don't line up with the pictures. This SO annoys me - but I've spent forever trying to fix it, and it's still doing it. Maybe later it'll be more cooperative. So...until then, you'll just have to figure out what goes with what!

Fun with Cousins

Melissa & the kids flew into Kansas City last week, and Kary & Martha brought them by our house on their way home. The kids spent some time in our pool (which hadn't completely deflated yet), and we also went to the park/zoo. It was incredibly hot, and we all ended up back at my parents for some swimming and a hot dog/marshmallow roast.

the kids hovered around Hadlee - but she seemed to enjoy the attention :)

the "girls" ready for the park

well, maybe not - Hadlee was sacked out for the first part of the zoo.

Hadlee & Scott on the gorilla

Watching the spider monkeys

Three Little Indians - Brooklyn, Scott, & Breanna

Enjoying the pool

Breanna, Hadlee, & Brooklyn
Okay, fasten your seat belt - I didn't realize how many pics I had on my camera...
We've been kinda busy, and I've been unable to post any updates. Timothy's parents were here about three weeks ago, and they returned the following Friday with Melissa and her kids. Then Saturday we picked up my friend Miranda at the Tulsa airport, and she spent a week with us. NOW August camp is going on, and I'm playing the piano for the children's services. Anyway, I'm going to start some "catch up posts" - we'll see how far I get.

My parents have a bigger pool, but they also had this smaller one. They sent it home for Hadlee - she loved it! Unfortunately, I think something has chewed on it since my brothers used it last. It is now flat in our back yard, but it was good while it lasted.

"Hi, Mom!"