Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby makes 4!!

We're very excited to be adding a new addition to our family! Our little boy/girl should be here around the 15th of May. Hadlee is thrilled about being a "big sister", and is so proud of the baby's ultrasound picture. We just had a little in-office ultrasound to check the baby's size, but we did get a picture. Real ultrasound should be sometime before Christmas.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hadlee is Two!!

I did a horrible job of getting pictures of Hadlee's second b-day. :( My parents and grandparents got to come down for a party last Saturday, and I was busy with the meal and stuff. But here's a few of opening presents.

she had to show "Uncle Jordan" everything! (he is, without question, her favorite person!)
and THIS is what daddy spent the rest of the day on. :) We got her a small kitchen set - just her size! But it required a "little" assembly. And I guess I don't even have a picture of the finished product! Have to get one soon. It's a really cute set, and Hadlee LOVES it!!
She's doing so much now, that I really wouldn't know where to start on her "milestones". She talks in sentences now, and we can understand her most of the time. She still has very much of an imagination, and sometimes it takes her on some imaginative stories that lose us. :) She can count to 10, and knows a few songs and parts of books. She will sit by the hour if you'll read to her! I can't sit down to rest, without her saying "I be right back!" - and she comes right back with a book. :) She loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Veggie Tales, and Hermie and Wormie. Her fav. place to eat is "So'ic" (i.e. Sonic), and you can count on her going for chicken, tots and "swushy". And, she is ALWAYS ready for a trip to "Wa - Mart". We feel very blessed to have such a beautiful little girl with such a sweet personality! (most of the time, anyway.) She loves to please us, and is crushed if she thinks we're upset with her. She's very quick to say "I sorry, Mommy!" - and of course, is very quickly forgiven!! :) We look forward to watching her grow and develop, and trust that we can guide her to an early understanding of Jesus as her Savior.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Hadlee is crazy about the "man in her life"! And that man is more than happy to be the ONLY "man in her life"....EVER! :) He said the other day he didn't think he'd ever walk her down the aisle, and I asked why. His response: "There's no boy on the planet good enough for her, and I'm not going to let her marry someone who's not!"
We went out to take a family pic the other evening at Bricktown, and I had them stand so I could adjust the camera. I snapped an unposed picture...thought it was cute. :)

Pumpkin Patch with MOPS

We went on a trip to the pumpkin patch with a local MOPS group last week. It was a very cold, windy day, and Hadlee is not much of a "farm girl" (wonder where she gets that??) But she did enjoy getting a pumpkin to take home! And she enjoyed the car ride with Heath. They sat next to each other's car seats and had quite a time. :) She did manage to stay on a pony for most of a ride, before her dislike of animals got the best of her. lol Here's some pics from the morning...
Hadlee riding a pony - as you can see, she wouldn't turn loose of me! :)
Heath and Hadlee "pickin' pumpkins"
Hadlee with Lizzy's children (Heath, Darrell Lee, and Gracie)

Hadlee with Meme & Papa

On our last trip to Independence, Meme and Papa (my mom's parents) came up to see us. Hadlee likes her great-grandma!! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hadlee's Imagination @ Work :)

Hey, thought I'd surprise everyone by doing TWO posts in a week! :) Timothy and I are kinda sick....colds or some such junk. But Hadlee so far is well. She seems to play her best when it's time to go to sleep. lol Here she is in her playhouse with all her tea party supplies and fake food surrounding her. Timothy said when he went in she had her tea party set all set up, and her doll was sitting there having tea with her! Love watching her be a girl!! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Morning

(This is for my friend Alicia who is sending me "hate emails" cuz I haven't updated....she doesn't even DO a blog, but we won't go there.... :))

Timothy worked really late last night; got home around 10:30 but didn't have to work today. So, we slept in this morning. It is rather cool here in the city, and we've been looking for an excuse to build a fire. :)'s our first fire of the season! Hadlee LOVES fires in the fireplace. She also loves princesses and happily-ever-afters. Must be the romantic woman-thing built in her! ;) The fire is roaring as I speak, the bacon is frying, and the waffle iron is hot. I'd invite everyone in for breakfast, but my personal appearance needs some attention! :) Good morning, everyone! (And I just might surprise you all with more frequent updates...especially if Alicia stays on my case!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hello, again. We're still here! :) Had another busy stretch...they're actually starting to just run into one big one. Anyway, Hadlee's growing and changing daily! She's talking so much now, and we're understanding a lot more. She's a total girl, as I've said before. She's totally into shoes right now. It doesn't matter if she's in her pj's, just a t-shirt, or no clothes...she's GOT to have some shoes on. She walks right past the toys at Wal-Mart, but if I don't hurry by the shoes, she's fighting to get down. At thrift stores (where we like to shop! lol), she will usually find a pair of high heels, and if I let her, she'll have her shoes off and them on. We bought a huge pair of hot pink heels the other day, because Grandma was here and didn't think she should have to go home without them. :)

Ready for church Sunday night.

curlers!! this was a 1st today... we watched Hermie & Wormie and curled hair!

the result!

she didn't want them in very long, but it looks curly for a little while at least.

Mommy and Daddy are doing fine too. Mommy's been making a few bows - totally a new thing for me. Here's a couple of my first attempts.

(also did the korker bows in her hair on up)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Life Update

Hey, everyone...okay, ANYONE who bothers to stop by anymore. I know, I know, there's no point! I never update! :) But it's really not my fault this time! Timothy did something with my camera card reader...therefore, preventing me from getting pics off my cam and onto the pc. (at least, we're blaming him for it....) lol

Okay, I totally don't know where to begin. We've had an incredibly busy summer with camps, moving, VBS, church stuff, etc. So, I guess I'll just stick to the basics.

Timothy and I are about the same...we're not any taller, don't think we've put on much weight...

Hadlee on the other hand, is changing daily! I thought the changes were fast when she was a newborn, but WOW!! She'll repeat anything I say now...regardless of the number of syllables! In fact she's repeated a few things I wished she wouldn't have! She is SUCH a girly-girl. She adores shoes (especially "'parky" ones i.e. "sparkly"), she likes clothes, purses are a must, and cell'd think she couldn't live without them! She'll "answer" the phone, and it goes something like this...

"Hello? Oh (laugh), okay! Bye!" She also uses "ummm" and "well" a lot.

More often than not, when I tell her to come because we're going to the store, she will come out of her room with her purse - and occasionally, a lot more. Like baby doll, food, purse, phone, books, etc. Isn't that the way it goes for us women?? We, the multi-taskers, who somehow are supposed to have hands for 20 different things... :) Well, she's startin' early!

here's my happy girl!

enjoying the zoo

Grandma and Hadlee at the zoo

Hadlee in the bamboo at the zoo

stayin' cool at the zoo
I've got lots more pics on my camera, but they're not on the pc yet. We went camping with some other young couples over the weekend; I'll try to post some more in the next day or two.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Of Camp meetings and Potty training...

Our lives have been a little hectic lately, but I think that is true for everyone these days. :) As I mentioned in the previous post, Timothy filled in for Darrell the last two Sunday nights (not tonight) and we had some other stuff that week. This last week, we ended up at Ochelata Youth Camp - we had totally not planned on going, but found out they needed help. So...Monday I did laundry, packed, and we went to camp! :) Just got back last night, and of course went to church today. Now we're probably going to Heartland Camp this next week, and Timothy will be helping with the youth services.

The "new thing" in Hadlee's life is potty training. Wow, what fun! :) It was actually going fair, and my parents came down for the Fourth. I thought that would ruin it, but she loves attention and did awesome - almost no accidents while they were here! I was so excited - thought she was really "getting it"....and then, we went to youth camp. lol She does NOT like sitting on toilets without her special seat, and she wouldn't even try. I just knew that would ruin all my "hard work." But, today she has done very well again! YEAH!! She even told Timothy and I "Potty!" a couple times this evening, and she was dry and had to go! (Only a parent can understand this kind of Then she also told me once, "Pri'cess! Pri'cess!" and put her hand down on her pull-up. I took her and she was again dry and went in the toilet! (She has "princesses" on her pull-up....and we make a big deal of them and the snowflake that goes away if she wets.) So, I'm keepin' my fingers crossed and taking her Princess seat to camp...maybe, just maybe we can maintain!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~ Our Day ~

Timothy had to preach Sunday night for the first time here in OKC, and thus caused some stress both to himself and (especially!) me. :) Sooo...yesterday was our "chill day." We went to Bricktown, ate, fed the ducks, did some shopping, etc. Here's some clips of our day.

Hadlee & Daddy watching the ducks

Timothy suggested that she feed the ducks her tater tots - which she was only too happy to do. She would run and get one from the stroller, take it to Timothy, and he would break it up and throw the pieces to the ducks. She'd run back for another one, etc. So, we got to the last one, she studied the empty carton, and she acted unsure as to what to do. I told her that they were "all gone" and she'd have to tell the duckies that we didn't have any more. The result:

palms up, telling the duckies that they were all gone. And just so they would definitely understand, she came back got the package, held it up, and said "See? See?" It WAS very cute. :)

checkin' out the catfish at Bass Pro

trying on sunglasses at Bass Pro

worn out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend @ Bartlesville

We spent the weekend with my grandparents in Bartlesville. We had a very nice time, and I think they enjoyed our stay as well - especially their great granddaughter! :)

playing in the sand with Meme & Papa and Alex

again... my camera battery was low, these pictures are from my aunt


we took Hadlee to Kiddie Park. she rode the carousel and train, the turtles,...

and the cars. by herself!! Didn't think she'd do it.

She loved it! I think she would've ridden more, if we would have tried! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We took Hadlee to the zoo yesterday. Here's some pics of our little girl enjoying her day...especially the carousel! :)

love this! :)

here's proof that mommy WAS there too. :)

such a big day! :)