Thursday, March 17, 2011

Psalm 37:25

Hey, everyone! I'm having an extremely unusual moment here at home - both kids are in their rooms resting! :) Tanner is napping, and Hadlee wanted to rest also. So I'm sitting here with a piece of cake and an icy mug of milk. lol Now, on to my post...

I'm a normal mom I think... Current events, world news, Middle East rioting, terrible natural disasters - all of this is all over the news. Then there's also the U.S. issues (which is what my current story is about!) - the financial gurus who say that the dollar is going to collapse, our whole financial system is going down, and honestly, it looks like it's very possible. These people make a lot of sense! Our government has spent and is continuing to spend itself into oblivion. This house of cards has to fall soon, right?? (I promise the point of this is not to add my voice to the million other depressing voices you've heard this week....keep reading!)

Okay, but really, it's still not too "personal" to think about the economic collapse of our nation...but my mommy brain takes it to the personal level. If/when all this happens, how are we going to feed our children? How are we going to survive?? These are the questions I was totally worrying about the other night. (Yes, I said worrying...I admit it!) Literally, I'm not a freak-out person normally, but this was keeping me awake! I wasn't sure how I was going to sleep that night. My dear husband wasn't being much help either. :) I told him I was worried, he said I wasn't the only one (indicating he was worried too), but soon I was listening to his even breathing - yep, he went to sleep on me! lol (sorry, but he doesn't know what real "worry" is when he can just crash like that....;))

Now, is where the title to this post comes in. I haven't heard that verse recently, and I haven't read it recently. But these words started going through my head: "I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor their seed begging for bread" I was so struck by the words, I had to get up and look it up. Here is the whole verse: "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." Now, I realize that there are Christians around the world who struggle with daily survival, and I'm definitely not claiming to be above them. But this mommy is standing on Psalm 37:25. My mind continued to review other Bible passages - Elijah: yep, God could even feed us by the birds if needed! And if he knows every time a sparrow falls (umm...even the ones that guys in my family have probably brought, why can't I trust Him with these two beautiful children that He created and gave to us?? I'm sure the worry will try to resurface, but I now have ammunition - after all, isn't that the right response to Satan - the Bible?

Hope everyone's having a good week - we're having gorgeous weather here in OKC! 82* currently, and Tanner's getting better. Maybe we'll be able to take advantage of the weather this weekend. Enjoy yours!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tanner's been crawling for a while now, but Grandma hasn't got to see him yet. :) So here it is....


Little Laughs...

Tanner has an infectious laugh - and occasionally Hadlee will get him going. He laughs at her, she laughs at him laughing, etc. This time Hadlee sneezed, and he got extremely tickled. She continued fake sneezing to make him keep laughing. I got out the video camera for the last part.

It was extra nice to hear him laugh so much, because the poor little guy has been rather sick - I'm thinking Rotavirus. He's still having diarrhea, but thankfully the vomiting seems to have stopped. We're on day 10 of sickness, and I'm hoping it will go away soon! :)