Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend at MO

Last weekend we went to MO for the annual peanut boil. Daddy and Hadlee sporting "their colors" :)
Gotta love those big eyes and long, curly eyelashes! :)
Ty (Hadlee's cousin) just a cheezin'!

Hadlee & Marissa (another cousin)

We also went to the Mennonite apple butter day Saturday. Timothy worked for some Mennonites for a few years, and he also went to their school for a little while. He has some really good friends there, and he was very excited to "show off" his little girl!
Can ya tell he's completely taken with her??
riding the train....

Reading to Gramma

Hadlee is not what I would call a "drama queen", but she is very expressive! (like her daddy...) Mom & Dad came over the other night after church so Dad could help Timothy with something. Mom was playing with Hadlee, and I was trying to stay out of sight with the camera. Take a look...


Hadlee's Mizzou Outfit

I know it's been a while....
Here are a few "catch ups"...

Hadlee's Mizzou cheerleading outfit ~ the pics aren't that great, but her outfit is adorable! :) Of course, Mommy wishes it were white and crimson (Go OU!!), but we have to keep Daddy happy.

lol...Hadlee's opinion of their latest games...