Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hadlee's artwork & misc. stuff

Hadlee has just recently taken an interest in coloring and (more recently) painting.  She has been hard at work the last couple days.  :)  Her "masterpieces" are much improved from just a few weeks ago, and she was only too happy for me to take some pics.  :)

 Tanner wanted it to be "my turn!" :)
 And here's some other random pics on my memory chip...

She loves being a cowgirl!
 domino towers...
Baby Kendra came for a visit a few days ago.  This caused a lot of squabbling over who got to hold her, play with her, etc.  And Tanner was very offended that he couldn't carry her!  He said, "Hold her for jut a minute? Pwease?  Can I?" 

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