Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Modest swimwear

This is a different post...but one I'm very excited to share!  :)  Most of you probably have already found this site, but it's new to me.  And since this is my blog, I get to be excited and "share" it with ya'll who know all about it!  :)

I love the water, but I don't love the clothing options for being IN the water.  There's the obvious modesty issue with pretty much every bathing suit out there.  (You just don't see a modest bikini very often...)  And then there's the option of swimming in your denim skirt... yep, full or straight, that one's just not gonna go well!

Timothy and I were talking about modest swimwear just a few days ago. And, one morning when he left at a very ungodly hour for work, I went to my trusty search engine, and here's what I found!

Drum roll please... :)


Check it out!  Very cute, streamlined dresses made out of the same material as regular swimsuits with knee-length leggings underneath!  Now, they are a little pricey...especially to think about my daughter needing a different size every year.  But, after looking a little farther on the website, I found that they have made their patterns available!  You can buy fabric on their site, but I'm looking on ebay.  Ebay has a lot of the same quality nylon/lycra materials for MUCH cheaper!  Hadlee already has hers picked out!  :)  Now if I can just talk my mom into making them - since I conveniently don't have a sewing machine.  (And it wouldn't do me any good if I did!!)

Modesty (I believe) should not be something that our kids have to "suffer through".  I want to show my daughter that you can be modest and participate in fun activities while wearing clothes in which you feel confident AND covered.   ("confident and covered"...what a concept, huh?  Very opposite of what our world says...)

P.S. When you check out the website, make sure you click the "Why Modesty?" tab and read the owner's message.  I want to buy her stuff, just to support her stand!  :)


Kyle and Mandy said...

My mom made the girls and I swimsuits from their pattern last year and we LOVE them!!! :) She actually made one for Gracie too, so you may have seen hers.

I did have my mom adjust the sleeve length and neckline a bit on mine, just an FYI. Next time I want the sleeves even a bit longer and the neckline a bit higher.

We definitely want to teach our girls that modestly and style CAN go together! :)

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Anonymous said...

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